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High Viscosity

Rx-4 Arterial Fluid is a low formaldehyde index 18. It gives
ample preservation without any of the objectionable features of
high formaldehyde index fluids. These objectionable features of
high index fluids are poor drainage, poor distribution, dehydration
and impaired cosmetic effect. Usually such fluids are very acid
which tends to cause a grayish color.

Rx-4 gives maximum drainage and incorporates a viscous chemical
to force distribution to all extremities. The viscous action
which involves the use of large molecules to increase capillary
pressure prevents gravitation and dehydration.

Rx-4 can be used separately, but it is designed to be used in
conjunction with B-4 Body Conditioner and Neutralizer. The combination
of these two chemicals gives an effect heretofore impossible--
firmness with alkalinity.

A new cosmetic color is incorporated in Rx-4 called Hy-Dye
Radiant Peach Cosmetic Color. This is a flesh colored staining dye.
The combination of high viscosity and low formaldehyde index
actually results in greater preserving power. More fluid is retained
in the upper surfaces of the body where it is needed most.
Increased capillary pressure due to the large molecules in the viscous
chemicals causes a greater penetration of all the tissues.

Item #: A-3101

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