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Semi-Hardening Flexible -- Lifelike

Velva-Glo offers the maximum of perfection in cosmetic and
preserving results. It is formulated to give a flexible body with
minimum rigidity. Velva-Glo is not a non-hardening fluid, but so
designed that minimum firmness and maximum preservation is

Velva-Glo?s slow action permits full distribution of the fluid
before the tissues are set, insuring thorough saturation.

Velva-Glo is absolutely non-coagulating. An interesting feature
of this fluid is its action on the blood. Harsh, quick-acting fluids
lose their potency or power after contact with the blood for several
hours. This is because the formaldehyde is consumed. With
Velva-Glo, tests which we have made show the formaldehyde
maintains its full power after days of contact with blood, while
such tests made with harsh, quick-acting fluids show the formaldehyde
entirely disappears.

Velva-Glo is a non-desiccating, non-burning fluid which offers
the utmost in perfect embalming. While Velva-Glo is desirable for
all cases, it produces exceptional results when used for women and

Item #: A-3102

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