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With Glutaraldehyde

Landrol arterial Fluid is a unique blend of preservatives featuring
Glutaraldehyde and Formaldehyde with pure lanolin, surfactants
and emulsifiers. The Glutaraldehyde in the formula provides
unmatched effectiveness in sanitizing the tissue. Its reputation
as a germacide and disinfectant is well known. Formaldehyde
is included because of its time-tested performance as a fixative
and preservative.

The blend of these aldehydes, plus humectants and Hydrol cosmetic
dyes, add up to an arterial fluid that yields the results in
preservation, tissue texture, and natural coloring.

Landrol?s performance is enhanced by properly adjusting the
body pH by adding two ounces per gallon of Hydrosol-1 and four
ounces of hypHe pH enhancer.

Item #: A-3115

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