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Arterial Fluid (Non-Astringent)

Biosol is a carefully blended and balanced group of chemicals
formulating an arterial fluid that diffuses rapidly, deeply and evenly,
without the ill effects of dehydration.

This unique solution helps to yield a medium firm but moist tissue
fixation which produces a likelike feel to the touch while
insuring maximum embalming results.

Biosol when used with B-4 gives you maximum drainage
because being non-astringent in its action it does not congeal
drainage like many arterial fluids do. Secondly, when you obtain
even distribution you not only obtain the best cosmetic results, but
you insure perfect preservation. The ordinary arterial fluid stops at
the capillaries and its congealing action prevents further penetration
and their same congealing action prevents adequate

Biosol is also characterized by Hydrol?s Flesh Tint that can be
adjusted by using compatible dyes.

Item #: A-3105

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