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High Index and High Firming

Hydrolite is the strongest fluid on the market today. Used in
normal solution, it makes a hard body. Its chemical composition,
however, is such that a wide degree of dilution is possible.
Hydrolite's great strength makes this an ideal fluid for dropsical
cases, for bodies which are to be shipped long distances, and for
bodies which are to be retained in receiving vaults for long periods.

Hydrolite has a medium quick action and many embalmers prefer
a fluid that ^sets^ the body quickly.

Some embalmers using milder fluids for earlier injections find
the use of Hydrolite on the last half-gallon gives them a desired
degree of firmness soon after the injection is made.

Many embalmers prefer Hydrolite because one bottle of
Hydrolite equals two bottles of many lesser quality fluids in preserving

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