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Body Conditioner and Neutralizer

B-4 Body Conditioner and Neutralizer prepares the body
chemically to insure uniform embalming results on all cases,
regardless of the pH of the body. By adjusting each body to the
same chemical state before arterial embalming, B-4 enables the
embalmer to achieve the same results on each and every case. To
do this, B-4 has to be versatile. It is just that! It is a neutralizer, a
capillary wash, and a water softener, it is a blood solvent; it contains
wetting agents; it is a preservative; it aids in controlling
dehydration by permitting use of lower index fluid, or milder solutions
of higher index fluid.

B-4 Body Conditioner and Neutralizer is a combination product
which is used before (B-4) the arterial fluid, or in certain cases,
with the arterial fluid as a modifier. It chemically produces a pH
condition in the body which is slightly alkaline. By doing this, it
neutralizes any abnormal body conditions which might have been
caused by refrigeration, sudden death, antibiotics, etc. In addition,
B-4 is compounded as an isotonic solution. This means that it cannot
swell or shrink tissue, and will prevent thrombosis by eliminating
active calcium ions from the blood.

MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, B-4 contains a revolutionary
delayed action formaldehyde combination. By combining
formaldehyde with another complex, we can now control the
release of formaldehyde, and also eliminate completely its objectionable
odor. By delaying the preserving action of formaldehyde,
we can give B-4 an index of 8, but completely prevent the astringent
nature of formaldehyde from interfering with B-4's action as
a neutralizer, body conditioner, and drainage aid. AFTER these
actions are complete, and arterial embalming has begun, this
amazing product begins to preserve with its own formaldehyde. IT

B-4 Body Conditioner and Neutralizer is mild enough to use on
babies and toddlers. When used with babies B-4 can be used as an
immersion solution, 1 btl. to (1) gallon of water, or as packs, wet
wrap with diluted B-4 solution. Toddlers can be injected with a
solution of 1-1/2 btls. of B-4 to a gallon of water. 2-4 ounces of
Tiss-U-Tone mixed with B-4 to be injected will soften the action of
fluid and produce an excellent embalming.

Item #: P-2100

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