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Ultra-Glo Arterial fluid is the fluid for emergencies, for the difficult
case, for cases which do not readily firm and for dropsical bodies.

While use of Biosol Non-Astringent Arterial Fluid insures the
maximum embalming results, there are occasions where greater
firmness and quicker action is desired. For instance, in dropsical cases
and other difficult embalmings, body chemicals destroy formaldehyde.
In such cases Ultra-Glo should be used.

The capillaries and arteries in frozen bodies are very porous, and
ordinary fluids pass quickly into the tissues and swell such cases.
Because of its highly astringent action, Ultra-Glo Arterial Fluid is the
safest fluid to use on all frozen bodies and trauma cases.

Ultra-Glo Arterial Fluid is especially designed for cases where
rigor morits has definitely passed off, and will provide a cosmetic
effect far superior to cavity fluid which some embalmers use arterially
in difficult cases. Since Ultra-Glo Arterial Fluid gives a low
formaldehyde fixation, it will be found to be the best fluid for
reducing swelling and for posted cases.

Ultra-Glo arterial fluid has proven to work well with waterless
embalming techniques.

Item #: A-3117

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