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Cavity Fluid

Hypost is a triple-base cavity chemical that is odor-free, yet
packs more preservative power than the usual formaldehyde or
glutaraldehyde solutions offered by other chemical manufacturers.

Lab tests and embalming tests have confirmed the effectiveness
of Hypost as a deep penetrating preservative, out-performing current
competitive cavity fluids.

Hypost is particularly effective against viruses, fungi, and infective
pathogens. It deodorizes and preserves the trunk cavities
instantly, and firms visceral tissue without extreme rigidity. Hypost
also inhibits the formation of gas in the body.

And best of all, Hypost is almost totally free of chemical odor,
making it easy and comfortable to work with even in the hottest
weather. Hypost truly represents a giant step forward in embalming

Item #: C-5107

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