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Cavity Fluid

Cavamine is a Hydrol Chemical Company revolutionary 28
Index cavity fluid. Approved Tests have shown that Cavamine has
50% less formaldehyde fumes than a standard 28 index cavity
fluid. What this means is you can have the assurance of good
preservation from a formaldehyde based product, and at the same
time, reduce your embalmer's exposure to formaldehyde vapor.

We are able to accomplish this by complexing formaldehyde
with a secondary ammine called Diethanolamine. After the fluid is
injected, the formaldehyde is released to give you optimum penetration
and preservation.

Cavamine is perfect for the normal as well as the difficult case.
As with any fluid, it is suggested that you do not spill or splash the
solution when embalming to further reduce any small amount of
vapor present.

Cavamine is made under a process that has been exclusively
developed by Hydrol research.

Item #: C-3108

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