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Post Mortem and Cavity Chemical

Nitrol post mortem and cavity chemical should be used when
the case appears hopeless with tissue gas, or gangrene legs or
dropsical liquids, the only one fluid which can be counted on to
absolutely give preservation. It has won its reputation because of
the thousands of difficult cases it has successfully preserved.

We often hear from embalmers who have preserved floaters
and other extremely difficult cases, and they invariably praise the
high strength of Nitrol. Here is a chemical which is economical to
use, and on most normal cases it can be diluted with water. The
high formaldehyde index of 32 indicates its great strength, and in
addition, there are added potent, powerful vaporizing chemicals
to aid in penetration and spreading.

On posted cases, place the viscera in a container and pour a
bottle of Nitrol over the organs. You will quickly see its powerful
action. No matter what the difficulty is, you have a super-tool in

Nitrol is excellent for the normal case although designed with
the difficult case in mind. No matter what the cause of death,
most embalming troubles arise from the abdominal and thoracic
cavities. We recommend the use of Nitrol on all cases to insure
absolute preservation.

We are unable to mask Nitrol's strength with deodorizing
chemicals. Reasonable care to avoid spilling the chemical and the
use of water with Nitrol on posted cases will retard the formaldehyde

Nitrol post mortem and cavity chemical, as with all other
Hydrol fluids, is made of the finest U.S.P. and C.P. grade chemicals.

Item #: C-5102

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