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The Most Powerful Cavity Fluid Made

Super-50 is a new, double strength cavity chemical formulated
from an entirely new type of formaldehyde, absolutely anhydrous,
which means it contains no water.

This new method of manufacturing formaldehyde passes the
formaldehyde gas directly into alcohol where formerly water was
used. By the elimination of the water, we are able to formulate a
much higher index cavity fluid than ever before possible.

Super-50, in addition to the new type of formaldehyde, contains
disinfecting and penetrating chemicals designed to give maximum
preservation of the cavities. Thus, Super-50 is formulated
with 100% active chemical ingredients.

Most embalmers' difficulties in preservation occur in the cavities.
On the difficult case it can be readily seen that by injecting
pure chemical, without water, the maximum efficiency can be
obtained. 90% of the tissues are water and only pure chemical
should be injected when a preservation problem is encountered.

Super-50 when diluted with water can be used on most ordinary
cases. A bottle of ordinary 22 index cavity fluid contains 5.4
ounces of water in the concentrated bottle. This is more than one third
of the bottle.

Item #: C-5103

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