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Fumeless Cavity Fluid

Cavicel, developed by Hydrol Research, is a highly effective,
yet fumeless cavity fluid for the professional embalmer. Cavicel is a
triple-based cavity fluid that is quietly powerful. It gives you excellent
penetration from the point of the trocar, and reliable preservation.
Its three active preservatives give you greater effectiveness
against the broad spectrum of antibiotics and drugs that are
known to occasionally debilitate formaldehyde.

The unusual characteristic of Cavicel is that it does not have the
annoying odor and fumes that frequently are present in other cavity

Cavicel is the perfect answer for a posted case. It gives you the
preservation without the problems usually caused by having a substantial
amount of cavity fluid exposed to the atmosphere.

Further, Cavicel is an effective bleach when used in a surface

Item #: C-5104

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