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Mild Scented Cavity Fluid

Thorol is a mild scented 32 index cavity fluid with a reliable
formaldehyde base. Its pleasant faint oil-of-wintergreen odor is
achieved by combining formaldehyde with another chemical in
loose formation. When the fluid is exposed to tissue in the body,
the formaldehyde is freed for preserving action.

Historically, formaldehyde-based cavity fluids out-perform
other types because the vapor pressure of formaldehyde assures
maximum penetration.

Thorol should be used full strength without diluting for cases
where excessive putrefactive gases have already formed in cavities.
In cool climates for normal deaths, and where no unusual amount
of gas is present, 16 ounces of water may be added to each concentrated
bottle of Thorol.

One bottle of Thorol is usually sufficient to preserve the cavities
of bodies up to 150 pounds. Where abnormal conditions exist, sufficient
Thorol should be used to insure thorough distribution and

Item #: C-5106

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