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Lanolin Moisture Conditioner

Lanolin Moisture Conditioner is an excellent additive to arterial
fluid to produce a smooth, moist, complexion. It eliminates post
embalming distortion normally associated with tissue desiccation
and dehydration.

Lanolin Oil relies on the magic of lanolin, plus a combination of
other moisture holding chemicals to provide the moisture reserve so
vitally needed for cosmetic embalming. However, Lanolin Oil will not
waterlog the tissues. It releases the moisture only as it is needed.

Two ounces of Lanolin Oil added to a half gallon of arterial solution
is all that is needed for the average case. Lanolin Oil is especially
effective in emaciated cases, aged, and dry bodies. It will be effective
on cases where the body is to hold for a long time and all cases
embalmed in hot, dry weather.

Item #: D-4100

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