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Tiss-U-Tone humectant is an accessory embalming chemical
which modifies or softens the action of embalming fluid, acts as an
internal tissue filler in emaciated cases and, when used externally as
a massage, prevents excessive dehydration of the skin.

As an internal filler and humectant chemical, Tiss-U-Tone is
always used with the last half gallon bottle of fluid injected. Mix
one bottle of Tiss-U-Tone with the arterial fluid for this purpose.

In extremely dry climates, Tiss-U-Tone, applied externally to the
skin serves to prevent excessive dehydration as the product by coating
the skin, prevents passage of moisture from the body, leaving
the skin moist and flexible. Tiss-U-Tone prevents razor burns and
burns caused by fluid which might seep through minor cuts.

In embalming babies, 2-4 ounces of Tiss-U-Tone mixed with last
fluid bottle to be injected will soften the action of fluid and produce
an excellent embalming.

Tiss-U-Tone will build up the average body but where sunken
spots appear around eyes and temples, HYDROL TISSUE BUILDER,
injected hypodermically, should be used after embalming is completed.

Tiss-U-Tone contains no formaldehyde.

Tiss-U-Tone, because of its wide external use, has been made
with a delightful odor which imparts a pleasing scent to the
embalming room.

Item #: D-4101

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