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A Positive Preinjection

Hydrosol-1 has been completely reformulated as a glutaraldehyde
based product. It can be used as either a first injection or a
co-injection chemical. Hydrosol-1 continues to be an excellent
body conditioner and drainage aid, but now features greater sanitation
from glutaraldehyde, which is many times more effective in
killing bacteria than formaldehyde.

Hydrosol-1 enhances the performance of any arterial fluid by
improving diffusion of the solution and producing a natural lifelike
appearance from the cosmetic oils.

As a first injection fluid, dilute eight ounces of Hydrosol-1 per
gallon of water at room temperature. As a co-injection fluid, use
two to four ounces with a glutaraldehyde base fluid, like Landrol
Arterial Fluid, per gallon of water. Otherwise, use four to six
ounces with formaldehyde concentrates per gallon of water.

Item #: P-2102

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