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Drainage and Water Conditioner

Hydrotone adjusts all bodies to an alkaline state and a uniform
appearance is obtained. One to two ounces of Hydrotone
may be added to the arterial fluid.

Hydrotone should not be used with Ultra-Glo. Never use
Hydrotone with cavity fluid or on posted cases.

Hydrotone generally should be used on acid bodies. Before
rigor mortis a body is usually acidic. After rigor mortis a body is
usually alkaline.

Some bodies may be found to be extremely alkaline.
Hydrotone should not be used in such cases. If injected in such
cases, firming action will be extremely low. This can be corrected
by injecting 8 to 16 ounces Ultra-Glo in a half-gallon solution. If
Ultra-Glo is not available add 6 to 12 ounces Nitrol or other strong
cavity fluid to the arterial fluid used on last injection.

By using alkaline injections a vast improvement in cosmetic
effect and appearance will result. Not only will a definite improvement
in preservation and distribution be obtained, but every case
will have the improved appearance so desired.

Item #: S-6105

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